I am a chef and musician and due to my work I had suffered from persistent pain in my neck, right shoulder and back.  Since I’ve been treated by Nobuko over the course of 7 months, my neck and lower back pain have disappeared.  Craniosacral is very relaxing. It feels like I am sleeping but I conscious at the same time, and when I wake up I feel very rested. I also received massage from Nobuko, and I enjoy the mix of techniques – it is the best treatment for the body.


~ Alberto Gutierrez, Musician / Composer / Chef

I had the good fortune of receiving craniosacral work from Nobuko when I didn't think I needed it. I was wanting a traditional massage, something familiar to relax me. I had craniosacral years ago, and remembered it as something that left me wanting for more touch. I can't say if I changed or if Nobuko was just way better than the work I had years ago, but WOW! The experience was transformative. It's hard to put to words the sensations: floating, filled with air, melting, coming home. It was definitely relaxing, and I felt the touch I needed. Thank you, Nobuko.


Kim Cardoso, Midwife / Nurse Practitioner


Nobuko is total profesional and I have highly recommended her to friends and family dealing with chronic pain, high levels of stress or anxiety. A Craniosacral session with Nobuko for me is like somebody found and pushed a reset button on my mental and physical stress. For the next 24 hours after my session I felt more tranquil, balanced and unwound. The session itself was very gentle, where I fell gently into a deep state of relaxation - between being asleep and awake. As the day progresses I began to realize how different I felt. My reactions were more calm to situations that may have normally triggered some anxiety or stress, and my body felt more connected to my mind. I felt like this the next day, too. It's truly a wonderful experience. For me it alleviated many mental and physical discomforts that I had almost gotten used to living with. It reset me. Thank you, Nobuko, for introducing me to CS therapy. It's beautiful work.

Natalia Neira Retamal, Co-Director of La Pena Cultural Center


I have gone to Nobuko for both craniosacral therapy and body massage. Both of my experiences helped me to alleviate stress and pain in my head and body. Nobuko is a very warm and caring individual who takes great pride in her practice. She takes her time and has a sophisticated understanding of the body (I learned so much from her about my own body).  Sessions with her are very relaxing and comfortable, and relieved tension, stress and chronic pain in my head and body! 


~ Vincent De Jesus, Musician and Educator


Me gustaría recomendar a todo aquellos lectores que están buscando un tipo de terapia para sanar no solo el cuerpo sino también las emociones atrapadas en el cuerpo que nos impiden disfrutar de la vivi  y vivir el momentos presente. Mi problema fue un fuerte dolor de espalda y dolor de cabeza. Quiero agradecer a la terapeuta Nobuco su dedicación y profesionalidad como terapeuta craneosacral es increíble, ya que mi dolor de espalda y de cabeza desaparecieron completamente después de su terapia, encontrándome en un estado de equilibrio y paz conmigo misma. Mi cuerpo, mente y espíritu se volvieron a conectar.  Muchisimas Gracias Nobuco por tu dedicación como profesional.


~ Raquel De La Pena, Dancer and Educator